Tuesday, 31 May 2016



Hola Nja yam'

We've been working together for quite a while in terms of music production & events. 
From back when we did gigs in Diepsloot, Newtown and other kasis to being in studio 
working on music with the likes of Habida, The late Flabba, Aaron Bastinelli & DJ Phatpro.
Fede konke loku aksi stress. Indaba nayi la. 

My FANS have been asking me about Inghudu for a while & I feel like they deserve to 
know the truth about what really happened. Whether its just a coincidence that we 
released the “DJ Sabby Inghudu” first and then a couple of weeks later Kwesta had his 
own Ngud' which has a similar song title & most probably the same concept. As artists
 we are human & in most cases we prefer to keep our private lives & also music-business
 behind the scenes, however in this case it is music (creative) related therefore I believe 
that our fans deserve to know.

 I can't deny that Kwesta's Ngud is a definite hit, he's doing very well & I'm happy for
 him. I mean, I don't know him personally, ikwaarl k’zoba e lani?. Your Ighudu version 
belongs to you [Sabby], I was featured on the song & I also co-produced it together with 
you, DJ Phatpro & Red Button. In this case I can't really be the front man, the track 
belongs to you & I think it is in the best interest of our fans to know the story behind the 
two songs. 

We both know there is a story behind the songs. To be quite frank I'm tired of having to 
explain to people as some of them assume that "khona o kape omunye" 
Please do clarify so we can move on. 
U-zwakale e studio tsotsi sizo spana.

Heita Hola Obsir